Step into the Future

Transform your classroom
into a futuristic city where
students easily practice
computational thinking
without screens.

Discover Square City

Welcome to Project Square

An open education initiative that makes it easy and fun for educators to bring computational thinking into the classroom, beyond the screens.

Introducing your students to computational thinking may be intimidating. Anybody can learn to think and to solve problems like a computer scientist in collaborative and creative ways, with little resources, step by step.

Project Square is much more than computational thinking unplugged. Developed in an interdisciplinary setting by designers, researchers, entrepreneurs and educators, it is based on frameworks and research evidence from the science of learning. An inclusive and engaging 21st century learning experience by design, it empowers teachers and students to become educreators and actors of change in the classroom.

Project Square Activities

The Square Playful Learning Starter Kit lets you discover and experience key concepts of computational thinking and computer science beyond the screens. You can easily transform your classroom into Square City, a futuristic town where creative citizens are collaborating to solve exciting challenges.   

Discover the free sets of activities for the classroom and start your unplugged computational thinking adventure today.


Become a Square educreator!

Join our computational thinking unplugged community of practice for educators.

Design a 10 or 45 minutes activity with your class in Square City.
Share it with our growing community of innovative educators who are making computational thinking unplugged part of their everyday school life.

Coming soon: Square Educreators Activities

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